We are currently seeking brilliant and highly motivated undergraudate and graduate students to join our team at XJTU. If you believe to be an exceptional candidate with interests in electromagnetism, plasmonics, metamaterials and/or other state-of-the-art technologies, please feel free to contact us.

Recent News

Sep 2018: Ms. Ke Yin and Mr. Gang Li have joined our group. Welcome aboard!

May 2018: Mr. Sheng Wang has sucessfully defended his M.S. thesis. Congratulations!

Dec 2017: T. Dong is promoted to Associate Professor.

Jun 2017: Ms. Si Chen has sucessfully defended her M.S. thesis. Congratulations!

May 2017: Mr. Xiaoke Gao has joined our research group. Welcome aboard!

Sep 2016: Dr. Dong has delivered a plenary talk regarding the PITD method at ICEF2016.

Jul 2016: Welcome Prof. Dr. Raj Mittra from Penn State & UCF to visit our group.

Mar 2016: Congratulations to Ms. Hui Liu for her successful graduation admission interview. Welcome aboard!

Jan 2016: SKLEI has supported us in the area of transformation optics (#EIPE16304).

Aug 2015: Our proposal regarding graphene plasmonics has been approved by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (#51507123).

Aug 2015: Whoa! Our Dong Lab has founded.