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Reference Title Journal Year Topic
T. Dong, Y. Shi, H. Liu, F. Chen, X. Ma & R. Mittra, "Investigation on plasmonic responses in multilayered nanospheres including asymmetry and spatial nonlocal effects." JPD 2017 Plasmonics
T. Dong, Y. Shi, L. Lu, F. Chen, X. Ma & R. Mittra, "Optical response of cylindrical multilayers in the context of hydrodynamic convection-diffusion model." JAP 2016 Plasmonics
X. Ma & T. Dong, "The Precise Integration Time Domain Method for Solving Maxwell's Equations." ICEF 2016 CEM
T. Dong, X. Ma & R. Mittra, "Modeling large nonuniform optical antenna arrays for metasurface application." JAP 2013 Plasmonics/CEM
T. Dong, X. Ma & R. Mittra, "Optical response in subnanometer gaps due to nonlocal response and quantum tunneling." APL 2012 Plasmonics
T. Dong, X. Ma & R. Mittra, "A novel low-profile cirgularly polarized antenna with low angle coverage." AP-S 2012 Antennas